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Those who enquire Pajón & Cartagena about their beginning as a fashion firm must be ready to receive an answer preceded by mutual conspiratorial looks and knowing smiles from the two designers, showing deep awareness on the fact that, just like in film or literature, a simple twist can unexpectedly change the fate of the main characters. The birth of the Andrés Pajón fashion house is no exception to such premise; from the very first time they saw each other, Andrés and Felipe discovered an undeniable empathy and fashion became their first topic of conversation. That pivotal moment became the outset of one of the most appealing Colombian fashion proposals in recent memory.

Andres and Felipe share a common passion and interest in every aspect of the fashion world; from a very young age they realized that the perfect platform to expand their knowledge on the dynamics of fashion design was through the academy and through the information gathered at the dressmaking shop owned by Andres’ mother, Rosa; the result led to a creative partnership whose style has managed to transform the perception of luxury, glamour and Latin American elegance, paving its own path as a solid world-class fashion brand.

The hallmark of the brand is based on the creation of comprehensive female collections, formed of meticulously made garments which are conceived as an experience of sophistication. The melding of the visions of the two creators seeks to create a perfect balance, on the one hand Andrés is profoundly convinced that “less is not necessarily more”, while Felipe sees the female figure as “basic and powerful”. As a result, the collections created by Pajón & Cartagena have found inspiration in the natural and cultural opulence of Colombia, such approach has resulted in recognition from leading fashion companies from around the world such as WGSN, or iconic personalities such as Beyoncé and Olvia Palermo; additionally, the firm has taken part in important Latin American Fashion platforms such as Colombiamoda. The Andrés Pajón brand is in constant growth not only due to the creative approach of its team, but also to the persistence in achieving a dream that revolves around the world of fashion.

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